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Heaviest Song on NG 2!!! Heaviest Song on NG 2!!!

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

cause it's metal, it's good

but that will not always save you.
this will provide good examples of amature metal recording.

CasketGrind responds:

hey you guys are from houston. thats where im from

yeah you guys are an actual band. most likely have way better equipment than i do recording and instrument wise. i dont i have atleast 250$ worth of equipment with a computer microphone? i listened to your music. and you guys are good have potential and all. but you guys have to admit you guys are pretty mediocre. i heard some one crack a solo. but that was pretty much the only part worth listening to. you guys dont have enough style. you guys sound like the generic garage band. you guys need that PUNCH that makes you different than others. simple riffs and simple beats dont cut it. this is my theory. if you are not trying your hardest to make a riff or a song? the result will be the same. the band isnt showing their true potential. hope you dont take this offensively since we are both from houston i hope one day we can play together. just take it as constructive criticism from one musician to another.